The Jews of Hatcham 1272 – and some later Jewish folklore

31 10 2012


Boy George backs the campaign to save Lewisham Hospital A&E and maternity unit from closure

31 10 2012


30 10 2012

The Fix-Up Housing Co-Operative is a new Community Interest Company and a registered cooperative that manages empty properties and disused land, and provides affordable accommodation to people in housing need. Our aim is to be part of a common sense solution to London’s twin problem; the huge number of people in need of affordable housing, and the thousands of buildings and potential homes left empty. Our approach is based around working with the local community, while promoting arts and culture, eco-consciousness, and self-sustainability. We are currently looking for empty and neglected properties to fix-up. Contact us at  . More info at

Planning starting for 2013 New Cross and Deptford Free Film festival

30 10 2012

planning starting for New Cross and Deptford Free Film festival 2013 – really exciting! next meeting 26th nov 8pm


  • Festival: Friday 26 April (to coincide with Deptford Last Fridays) – Sunday 5 May (the night before May Bank Holiday)
  • Next meeting: 8pm Monday 26 November 2012, upstairs at the Amersham Arms



Supermarket sweep

29 10 2012

The new Sainsbury’s on Lewisham way (oppositie the Goldsmiths library) opens this week. Many people were against this for various reasons including the fact that large companies tend to take their profits out of the community. And with rumours circulating that Tesco are now interested in getting in on the act near the New Cross Inn. its time for us to try and work out how we can prevent this from negatively impacting on our community, and also how we can take action to make sure the shops do what we need them to do. Get in touch if you have any ideas.

Save Lewisham Hospital A&E Public Meeting

25 10 2012

Demontsration from Lewisham town centre to lewisham Hospital 24th November to save Lewisham Hospital. Click here for details

Lewisham Housing Co-ops Join Forces

25 10 2012

A group of eleven housing co-ops from the Lewisham area met at Sanford Housing Co-op in New Cross this October for their first ‘soiree’.  More events are now planned, where we will find ways to reduce our costs and share ideas for solving problems and developing co-ops.  We have also set up an online forum.  Other housing co-ops in the area are always welcome to join in – please contact Zoe and Craig at outreach@sanfordcoop for more details.  Tenants of housing co-ops manage the properties they live in themselves, and have more control over their housing