New Cross police short listed for award for hassling the homeless and alcoholics

14 11 2012

New Cross SNT has been short listed for the Orwellian sounding ‘Total policing award’ for finding novel ways of hassling and intimidating a group of people that already get quite a raw deal. The real solution to the ‘problem’ of street drinking is allowing those that do it and those that complain about it to meet and get to know and understand each other a bit more. its far too easy to use draconian laws and confiscate ‘alcoholic items’ for some pointless headlines praising tough action. its another thing to to really address what is essentially a problem of two groups of people with mutual distrust and misunderstanding to try and co-exist.

Last night at the New Cross Assembly a really good project from nearby day centre Deptford Reach, that might start this was funded, hopefully i’ll be able to report some progress from that soon.




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