Lewisham spending cuts more than double national average

14 11 2012



New Cross police short listed for award for hassling the homeless and alcoholics

14 11 2012

New Cross SNT has been short listed for the Orwellian sounding ‘Total policing award’ for finding novel ways of hassling and intimidating a group of people that already get quite a raw deal. The real solution to the ‘problem’ of street drinking is allowing those that do it and those that complain about it to meet and get to know and understand each other a bit more. its far too easy to use draconian laws and confiscate ‘alcoholic items’ for some pointless headlines praising tough action. its another thing to to really address what is essentially a problem of two groups of people with mutual distrust and misunderstanding to try and co-exist.

Last night at the New Cross Assembly a really good project from nearby day centre Deptford Reach, that might start this was funded, hopefully i’ll be able to report some progress from that soon.


media portayal of our area

13 11 2012

The media are up to their usual tricks with a pointless story about how a hollywood star visited ‘dingy SE14’ and got into trouble with the rough locals, i wonder how many of those reporters have even been to New Cross, let alone had a drink in the Hobg – i sincerely doubt that the quotes were genuine or from anyone that knows the area – sounds far too much like ‘sunspeak’ to me.

example http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/4639149/shia-labeouf-fight-south-london-pub.html

12th November – Launch meeting of new Lewisham Private Tenants’ Association: FIRST MEETING @ New Cross Learning, New Cross Road Today!!!

12 11 2012

New Lewisham Private Tenants’ Association: FIRST MEETING

Private tenants in Lewisham are currently isolated and under protected. No organisation exists locally to work with private renters to help them improve their housing condition, and there are no support groups of private tenants to campaign for improved rights or to offer independent representation.

This is remarkable given that there are now more than 33,000 privately rented homes in Lewisham, making up over 30% of all properties in the borough. Many private tenants face a range of issues affecting their quality of life, having to negotiate with letting agents and landlords alone, and with limited knowledge of their rights and who to turn to for help.

It is particularly worrying as the situation of many private tenants looks set to become more precarious when the changes to benefit legislation come into place next April.

Against this background a group of private tenants will be coming together to discuss establishing a Lewisham Private Renters’ Association.

Our first meeting will be held on Monday the 12th of November, 7.30pm to 9pm at New Cross Learning (Library), 283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS.

We would love for as many people to join us at this first meeting and to input into the design of this exciting new group.

Our initial thoughts are that the organisation would work across four areas:

1. Documenting and publicising the problems faced by private tenants in Lewisham

2. Developing solutions to those problems

3. Lobbying for improved rights and services for private tenants

4. Supporting groups of tenants to campaign on housing issues

Please come along and be part of this initiative, which has the potential to join a growing number of similar organisations across London working to provide private tenants with a voice.

If you are interested in attending the meeting or finding out more about the organisation, please get in touch with James Scott at lewishamprivaterenters@gmail.com.

New Cross News dec 2012 hardcopy

11 11 2012

New Cross News dec12

Huge public meeting to prevent A&E closure

9 11 2012

There were apparently more than 500 people at last nights public meeting. News Shopper article

BBC London report

Ivy House reprieve sets precedent for Lewisham pubs

8 11 2012

Southwark Council has taken action under the new Localism Act in order to protect The Ivy House pub in Nunhead / Peckham from being auctioned off for redevelopment.

The Ivy House had recently reopened but owners Enterprise Inns believed there were better ways to make money from a property portfolio than running boring old pubs and evicted the manager in order to put it up for sale.